Tiramisù - Nora's recipe

Who read my books knows that my Nora loves cooking italian dishes and that Tiramisù is one of her favorites cakes.
Someone in the past days asked me about this recipe so... forgive me for my bad english (my readers know that I'm an italian author and someone else translated my books) and write down the Tiramisù recipe.
It is an easy recipe so: try! 

5 eggs
500 gr mascarpone
250 gr sugar
dark chocolate
300 gr Savoiardi

Let's start making a cream with the sugar and the yolks of the eggs (keep 3 of the egg whites and throw away the others)
When the cream is ready, add the mascarpone in the bowl and keep working on the dough. Then work apart at the three whites until they are like a white foam. Add them in the bowl too.
At this point you have what we call in Italy “crema di mascarpone”

To have the Tiramisù, take the cake pan, put the Savoiardi on the bottom and pour the sweetened coffee on them.
Above the Savoiardi layer, put the Mascarpone Cream. You can make just a layer or more.
On the top, grate the dark chocolate. Now your Tiramisù is ready!

Maybe this is the strangest and ungrammatical recipe you ever read, but if you can understand my explanation you'll taste the best Tiramisù you have ever eaten.